Colours of Gujarat

Colours of Gujarat was an exhibition of weaving, dyeing, spinning and embroidery inspired by a journey in Gujarat, held at The Handweavers Studio & Gallery, Seven Sisters Road, London, 28th October – 2nd December 2017.

Exhibitors: Jane Stockley, Alison Stattersfield & Lucy Rhodes (weavers), Katie and Frankie Owens (dyers, and block printers) and Ticia Lever (embroiderer)


Weaving inspired by handcrafted lacquer hair pin from Nirona, Kutch

The journey through Gujarat had been a tour, Textiles of Gujarat, organised for the Oriental Rug and Textile Society (ORTS) in September 2016. It proved to be a wonderful exploration of the rich textile cultural heritage of the region, and an opportunity to meet artisans in their homes and workshops. Each of us returned inspired to create work, using ideas, techniques and materials encountered on our journey.

Images clockwise from top left, weaving inspired by Gujarati step well (L.Rhodes), weaving inspired by earthquake and marketplace of Bhuj (J.Stockley), naturally dyed skeins (K&F.Owens) and weaving inspired by the Little Rann of Kutch (A.Stattersfield).

During our travels, we met and learnt from patola (double ikat), single ikat, mashru and Kala cotton inlay weavers, block printers, tie dyers and batik workers – and visited co-operative NGO support centres for artisans, and the many heritage museums, historic and cultural sites of the region. We returned with a great respect for the people of Gujarat, their resilience in rebuilding their homes and livelihoods after the devastating Bhuj earthquake of 2001, and a greater understanding of their cultural heritage and the ways in which they are meeting current day challenges of the global marketplace and the modernisation of living and cultural traditions. See also Ali Stattersfield’s website.