Current work

It’s that time of year again , and I am preparing for this year’s Herefordshire Art week (h.Art). This year, I am delighted to say that I am joining Sue Lim at the Blue Ginger gallery, and along with 15 or so other artists, I will be showing my work and also demonstrating on my portable table loom. Blue Ginger is an Aladdin’s cave of craft and art work, and also offers fair-trade teas and coffee, not to mention delicious homemade cakes and lunches.

With h.Art in mind, I am now working on several new projects. I have been experimenting with plant dyes from my garden and other local sources, and trying ikat weaving for the first time. This involves tie dyeing warp and weft yarns before weaving – quite time consuming, but it is such fun seeing the patterns that emerge on the loom.


I am also continuing to develop ideas which use the different properties of various natural yarns. I particularly like weaving double cloth using materials which react differently when washed, and it is fun seeing the differential shrinkage effects of wool, and silk, and various silk mixtures. I like the way in which texture is created from a flat woven cloth, and the unique patterns that are created.


(differential shrinkage effects – from top, felting wool with red 50% camel/50% wool, and grey 100% silk; felting wool with green 20% silk/80% merino, and brown 100% silk; felting wool with green and grey 100% silk)

I hope to use some of the textural weave effects that I learnt with Stacey Harvey-Brown at her workshop in France earlier this year.