Weaving in France

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to France with weaving friends, spending time exploring the beautiful Lot valley before heading off to Stacey Harvey-Brown’s ‘Loom Room’ for an inspiring group workshop on textural weaves. Stacey is a textile artist renowned for her original work inspired by geology and nature, and her Gascony home is a perfect place to relax and explore new weave ideas.

The workshop focussed on 3 different weave structures – woven shibori, stitched double cloth and overshot – all chosen to exploit the structural potential of using yarns with different properties. Working as a group, we learned lots from each other, as well as benefitting from Stacey’s teaching and wealth of experience, not to mention her extensive weaving library and vast selection of samples to handle and examine. Plenty of new ideas to challenge and stimulate, and encouragement to look at familiar weave structures anew.

We were most grateful to Stacey and husband Graham for generously sharing their home with us for 5 days; great company, food and wine, and plenty of time to weave, unwind and share stories!

(From top: the group having lunch in the garden, some of Stacey’s woven ‘stalactite’ forms, some of our samples, and a coffee break in the sun)

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