A serendipitous double ikat design

Inspired by my recent ikat workshop, I decided to have a go myself…. My first thought was to make a moon and stars design to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, and so I prepared a design and tied linen skeins to dip into an indigo bath. As I prepared the warp from my dyed yarn, I could see that the planned lining up of the design wasn’t going entirely to plan. However, it still looked interesting, and so I thought I should persevere, and so I continued to weave with my prepared weft yarn. The results were better than I ever thought… Stars had metamorphosed into flying geese! A much more fluid and organic design than I could ever had purposefully designed – and hopefully making a couple of unique lampshades. As I remember from my diploma course… there is no such thing as an error – just an unintended design consequence!

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