Hereford Art Week at Blue Ginger

It’s already Wednesday of Hereford Art Week, and I am just packing up ready for another full day at the Blue Ginger gallery. It is a lovely venue, and a great place for friends to meet over coffee and cake. Much as though I enjoyed last year, I am now sharing with 15 other artists, and so there is so much more to see and explore when not actually working. I am in the garden tent, along with fellow spinner and knitter/weaver Chrissie Harris, landscape artist Anna Cumming, and wood worker Ben Homer – and we have lots of space in which to demonstrate and show our work. When the sun shines, we open the sides of the ent, and it is like weaving al fresco – such fun! Elsewhere, there are other textile artists, jewellery makers and batik art, not to mention the wide range of work that Sue Lim collates for her gallery. It has been wonderful to welcome friends and family, and meet so many interesting people from as far afield as Northumberland, Canada and Malaysia.

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